I'm fascinated by the discovery process and love learning how things work. Finding solutions to tech (and other) problems is a total blast. If I'm not researching cool new apps and hardware, I'm probably cooking or practicing Tai Chi, Pilates or yoga.

Dark Patterns are Bad for Everyone

dark patterns screenshot with definitions:

This has been going on since the beginning, and it’s the thing that makes me get all bent out of shape sometimes. Ofttimes. OK, most of the times. The promise of technology is the opportunity to leverage the good. This is its dark twin, the other edge of the blade—the […]

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Yes, Gazelle is Great for Selling Your Used Gadgets

Many have asked about Gazelle and whether they’re a good option for selling your used tech. The answer is absolutely yes. I’ve sold almost all my iPhones and one of my Android tablets on Gazelle and they’ve been stellar every time. They ship you a free box with free return […]

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