The Ultimate Writing Tool for Bloggers

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Scrivener Helps You Pull It All Together Ever wondered how in blazes you capture, organize and store all your ideas for blog posts so you always have access to them and can quickly find them and start writing? And secondarily, but perhaps even more importantly, do you pine for a program that works with you instead of fighting you every step of the way as you attempt the sometimes hideously challenging work of writing useful and interesting blog posts? These questions have plagued me for many years. In the beginning, and for a long time thereafter, I struggled to manage my ideas and my written words. I wrote ideas on scraps of paper, tried bookmarking links on Delicious to jog my memory and save reference material for later, created multiple text documents in TextEdit and stored these in folders, emailed myself ideas and partial drafts, and tried many far more arcane and […]

New MacBook Air: As Good As the Hype?

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I recently unboxed and set up Apple’s new MacBook Air and I must say I was prepared to be unimpressed. Why? I had heard others say it was underpowered and it was actually too thin. Ha, figure that. Others had complained that there was no DVD/CD drive and no ethernet port so it’s crippled. So you might be surprised when I tell you I agree entirely and moreso with the Consumer Reports MacBook Air review that gives it high marks and a recommended status. I imagine there’s also a good reason for the average user rating of a solid 5 stars too.

How to Crash-Proof Your Digital Life

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Your hard drive just crashed and you lost everything… 10 years of family photos, movies, spreadsheets with all your sales figures, email, music and more were instantly consigned to nothingness. Worst of all, much of it was irreplaceable. And now it’s gone, as in gnashing-of-teeth-&-rending-of-garments gone. Usually when this happens I get a panicked call and I’m asked if there’s anything I can do to recover the data. My first question, of course… “How old is your last backup?” You already know the answer, don’t you… “I never backed it up.” Here’s the thing, I don’t blame you one bit. Here’s why…

Need a New External Hard Drive?

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Note: I updated this post on 28 September 2008 to reflect new options and better prices. I’ve been needing a new external hard drive myself for a while now and after considerable research and deliberation, I selected one that did the trick. This drive is by Fantom and the reviews are consistently very good. The company also appears to be very responsive to faulty, or defective products.

Fast, Bargain Windows Computer

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Sometimes you just need a fast, cheap computer and you need it yesterday. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap; I mean as little as you can possibly pay, but still well built and with support that actually answers the phone. We’re assuming here that a Mac is out of the question for various reasons. This is a box I can recommend. Check the reviews. I think this one will be the right answer. I’ve gotten Acer products on a number of occasions and been very happy with the product and their support on the rare times I’ve had to call. And if you need a low-cost, high quality LCD monitor to go with that, check this out. I think you’ll be more than happy with it (this monitor is NOT intended for high end color critical design work!) But it will be fantastic for 100% of what 99.9% […]