Canon PowerShot A2000 IS 10.0 MP

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OK, back when I bought my digicam I researched it all for 3 months and finally chose the Canon Powershot 7 MP (megapixel) version. Then they came out with a 10 MP version and I was bummed, but not too much since it was a lot more expensive. Well now the IMPROVED 10 Mpixel version of the old 10 Mpixel version is out and it’s cheaper than my original 7 MPixel Powershot! Sheesh. At least you can take advantage of it and I can live vicariously knowing you got the best deal I’ve ever seen on the Canon digicams. Get it, you’ll love it. Canon PowerShot A2000 IS 10.0 MP Digital Camera

Google Analytics

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If you haven’t started using this for reviewing your web site’s stats (are you crazy?!?), you should. Immediately. It used to be called Urchin and cost a small fortune. Now it’s free so there’s no excuse to be suffering along with that old AWstats anymore. Google Analytics

Good UPS – CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS

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After some digging, I found a decent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that should keep your computer, cable modem, router, monitor and maybe a USB hub up and running during the next power outage for at least 30 minutes. It has a max battery run time of 170 minutes under minumum load and has gotten very good reviews at Newegg. Yup, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux. You can pick it up here (click the image below): CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series GreenPower UPS CP1350AVRLCD UPS