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Charging a Percentage for Financial Transactions is Archaic and Greedy

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If I sell a $10 product and a $1000 product as a digital download and the cost to deliver it is identical for each, why then does the banking system (and many sales platforms) think it’s reasonable to charge a percentage of my selling price? They did nothing more for me for the $1000 product than they did for the $10 product. There’s no value they added that magically makes them worthy of receiving more of my money. The value is in my product and my work and effort and that’s why the price is higher for that product. The cost of moving the money and delivering the product is the same. Why do you deserve more money for doing nothing more? I cannot understand this except by viewing it as an entrenched, unquestioned mindset tied to historical behavior established before the dawn of computer technology and automated systems. In […]

GIF is Pronounced with a Hard G, Jet Over It

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Why I bother, I don’t know, but I must rebut, once and for all, the claim that the creator of the format determines the pronunciation of the acronym. In this case, the creator was neither a linguist nor a logician, nor remotely acquainted with English language conventions. More than likely, he was one of the Internet’s earliest trolls and cannot be relied upon for any useful information other than that which relates to his chosen field of endeavor, namely, engineering/programming. Q.E.D., he should be ignored regarding this issue. Upshot: GIF should logically be pronounced according to the words comprising its expanded meaning: Graphic Interchange Format.  In other words, use a hard G, not a soft one. Let us now move on to important things.

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Removing Post & Comment Dates is a Terrible Idea

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I recently read a post on Elegant Themes (aff link) that suggests you should remove the dates from your blog comments and “…Keep Your Discussion Fresh.” They proceed to show you multiple ways to remove dates from posts and comments. Don’t do it. Dates on blog posts are critical for signaling relevance and context to your reader. I can’t count the number of times I’ve read a post I thought was relevant only to realize midway through (because the dates were scrubbed) that it was two or three years old and a pointless waste of time. Now, to be fair, some posts really are date-independent—the information is truly timeless and when it was posted is not important. But in cases like this, I would argue that this material should be reserved for an article section that is built on pages, not posts, and then dates can be removed without trouble. As […]

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Time to Seriously Reconsider the Pop-Up Opt-In

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I think one of the most infuriating things on the modern Internet is this increasing tendency to throw a pop-up in your face demanding I subscribe to a newsletter before I can get three words into reading an article or viewing a video. I clicked a link because I was promised an answer to the curiosity-generating headline published on some media outlet. I’m already waiting for a crappy Internet connection (on mobile, for example) that’s in the way of reading the answer and the longer I have to wait, the more irritated I’m going to be if the article isn’t as good as the promise in the headline. (And frequently these days, it isn’t, but that’s a story for another day.) But then I finally arrive and the page finally loads and, as I read the first few words, I am suddenly assaulted by a pop-up that covers the screen and demands […]

Yes, Gazelle is Great for Selling Your Used Gadgets

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Many have asked about Gazelle and whether they’re a good option for selling your used tech. The answer is absolutely yes. I’ve sold almost all my iPhones and one of my Android tablets on Gazelle and they’ve been stellar every time. They ship you a free box with free return shipping, you put the phone in and drop it in the mail. You can opt for either cash or an Amazon gift card. The card gets you 5% more cash value. I always get the Amazon card because, ah, more money is more money than less money. They also sell used, refurbished tech and it’s good stuff with certifications and 30-day returns. I like them so much I became an affiliate and this is my affiliate link attached. That is all. Sell your phones and electronics for cash with Gazelle Trade-In