I love developing solutions and helping small business owners create strategies and optimize processes that lead to genuine improvements in life and business.

This site started as a response to your requests for recommendations, tech assistance, general questions about your computers, and even various wonderments (yes, I said wonderments!) about how to get your business online.

I currently offer limited consulting sessions where I help you with website design questions, ecommerce and marketing strategies, and software selection to solve business process conundrums. Use my contact page to send a note if you're interested in any of that.

I am also constantly chasing down the latest, greatest tech stuff for myself, and when I find it, I post those finds for you on the blog. (I know, it needs an update posthaste—stay tuned!) I also do my best to warn you away from the inevitable garbage I discover.

I've always planned to cover hardware and software recommendations, tech assistance, and training. You'll eventually find reviews and commentary about computers, software, and gadgets in all consumer technology areas.

Obligatory Disclosure: I recommend great stuff that I use in my own business. When you click a link on my site and buy a product or service I mention, sometimes I get paid a small pittance for it at no additional cost to you. I'll never knowingly recommend junk (obviously, who the heck would do that?)—and if I hear that a product or service that I previously recommended and thought was great has deteriorated, or is no longer a good choice, I'll let you know that too and pull my recommendations and even issue a warning where warranted. As ever, my first priority is helping you and your choice to purchase things via my links helps me keep helping you.

Thanks for reading! And please DO leave a comment below or anywhere else you think appropriate. If you have questions, that's what I'm here for. Let me know!

Be well,