An iPhone Screen Protector Fit for a Knight of the Round Table (and Less Clumsy Folk as Well)

Hark, fellow knights, squires, and random peasants clutching suspiciously shiny rectangles! Lay thine eyes upon the ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector, a valiant defender against the perils that plague thy precious iPhone.

Uncrackable Fortitude (And Slightly Silly Comparisons)

This ain't your grandma's flimsy screen protector! Tempered for mighty strength, it scoffs at 110lbs of pressure. Picture a hefty knight stomping upon it, or a particularly aggressive coconut…nay, perhaps a disgruntled swallow carrying said coconut!

The Crusade Against Filthy Smudges

Behold, an oleophobic coating of near-magical properties! Greasy fingerprints flee in terror, leaving your screen as pristine as a knight's freshly polished visor. You shall scroll, swipe, and vanquish Candy Crush foes without those dreaded oily smears. 

Vanishing Vanquisher of Visibility

Witness clarity rivaling that of the Holy Grail itself! Feasts for your eyes, whether it be epic YouTube quests or grainy photos of your cat, shall appear unhindered. It's protection so discreet, you might believe it's the work of a particularly helpful shrubbery! 

Installation Made Simple (Even for Incompetent Knaves)

Fear not, clumsy squire! An alignment frame of legendary accuracy awaits. Dust shall cower under the might of the adhesive. Bubble-free installation is nigh… unless a dragon bursts through your window, of course. 

Lords of Customer Service Await

The noble knights of ESR offer a generous warranty and tireless support! Be it a defective protector or a particularly baffling meme your aunt insists on sending, they stand ready to assist.

Brave iPhone wielder, heed this call! Shield thy magnificent device with the ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector. Fail to do so, and prepare for scratches, smudges, and a chorus of French taunts echoing through your empty wallet. Now go forth, and may your screen never know the bitter sting of defeat (or da hands)!