Need a New External Hard Drive?

Note: I updated this post on 28 September 2008 to reflect new options and better prices. I’ve been needing a new external hard drive myself for a while now and after considerable research and deliberation, I selected one that did the trick. This drive is by Fantom and the reviews are consistently very good. The […]

Fast, Bargain Windows Computer

Sometimes you just need a fast, cheap computer and you need it yesterday. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap; I mean as little as you can possibly pay, but still well built and with support that actually answers the phone. We’re assuming here that a Mac is out of the question for various […]

100 Blank CD-Rs for About $20

Updated: 3 November 2009 I needed some more basic CDs for burning and found these Verbatim CD-Rs which are very reliable and burn at their rated speed of 52x, unlike many other brand-name CDs which we shan’t mention. 🙂 About $20 for a spindle of 100 CDs. (Note that these are your standard shiny surface […]

Canon PowerShot A2000 IS 10.0 MP

OK, back when I bought my digicam I researched it all for 3 months and finally chose the Canon Powershot 7 MP (megapixel) version. Then they came out with a 10 MP version and I was bummed, but not too much since it was a lot more expensive. Well now the IMPROVED 10 Mpixel version […]

Good UPS – CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD UPS

After some digging, I found a decent UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that should keep your computer, cable modem, router, monitor and maybe a USB hub up and running during the next power outage for at least 30 minutes. It has a max battery run time of 170 minutes under minumum load and has gotten very […]