Charging a Percentage for Financial Transactions is Archaic and Greedy

Close-up shot of coin of roman emperor Maximinus among other coins, selective focusing

If I sell a $10 product and a $1000 product as a digital download and the cost to deliver it is identical for each, why then does the banking system (and many sales platforms) think it’s reasonable to charge a percentage of my selling price? They did nothing more for me for the $1000 product […]

Yes, Gazelle is Great for Selling Your Used Gadgets

Many have asked about Gazelle and whether they’re a good option for selling your used tech. The answer is absolutely yes. I’ve sold almost all my iPhones and one of my Android tablets on Gazelle and they’ve been stellar every time. They ship you a free box with free return shipping, you put the phone […]

Grammar, Usage and Style – After Deadline Blog

This is a great resource for keeping up with grammar, usage and style. I like it for its real-world examples of common mistakes and awkward usage. It’s a great way to spend five or ten minutes every day enhancing your craft. After Deadline examines questions of grammar, usage and style encountered by writers and editors of The […]