Boilerplate Instructions, Bane of Modern Software

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  I bought a new theme to install for a client this week. Normally, installing a theme is simple. Select theme, upload, install, done. Unless the theme maker has decided to deviate from the standard protocols that we all know and love and which we have been happily following for years. At that point all bets are off. Basically, the only choice now is to open their documentation and start reading their instructions line by line and following every micro-directive verbatim. That is, assuming they have actually bothered to tell you what each little step is. But no, in this case they just told me in generic terms to do what I had already done; the same thing that had already failed miserably. “Go to the Appearances menu and upload your new theme.” they say. Boilerplate instructions. Fail. Now what? Oh, yeah, figure it out for myself! Talk about lazy and thoughtless. Not a great […]