iPhone 6

Yes, it's good. Really good. As a photographer, I had waited for the Optical Image Stabilization in the 6 Plus (the 6 doesn't have it) and it was worth the wait. And as we get closer to the inevitable upgrade of the 6S and the 6S Plus, I can still say that the iPhone 6 is well worth it if you still have an older iPhone or have not yet joined the smart phone revolution. If you take lots of photos, or especially videos, then you'll want to max out the memory and get the 128 GB version if your wallet will allow.

The Airport Extreme (2016)

I've installed LOTS of wireless routers and some have been great and others really bad. Since 2013 I've installed 7 Airport Extreme routers and so far this is still the best consumer experience I've had yet—if you're on a Mac. Windows folk will likely have a different experience and I'll talk about that once I've had a chance to install on a Windows-centric network. If you want a wide range, N-speed (and the new super-fast 802.11ac protocol, plus gigabit ethernet, print serving and NAS (Network Attached Storage) capable wireless router the best all-around solution is the Airport Extreme from Apple.

There are certainly some other great wireless routers out there that I use and even recommend, but they need some extra attention and most don't have both the NAS and the print-serving options combined. I will eventually do a tutorial on Tomato and dd-wrt for those of you who want to go über-geek on your router.

Just search for AirPort Extreme Base Station at the Apple Online Store to get more information.

Retina Macbook Air and Macbook Pro

If you're looking for the latest notebooks from Apple (also called laptops by some) these links will give you more MacBook Pro and MacBook Air information and pricing.

New 27-Inch 5K Retina iMac

It's jaw-dropping. If you haven't yet used a Retina-based display, this will be pretty amazing. And if you have, you know it's not possible to go back to plain old HD. This though, this is beyond Retina, it's 5K! You'll see the  sharpest text and images you have ever seen and the system has the horsepower to drive it without any perceptible slowdown. Get the new 27″ iMac with the 3TB Fusion Drive and stock up on at least 16 GB of RAM to start. Eventually I'll add the other 16 for a total of 32 since I need it to edit video.

Apple Certified Refurbished

If you want to get the best possible price on Apple products, check out Apple's certified refurbished and clearance items first.

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