An iPhone Screen Protector Fit for a Knight of the Round Table (and Less Clumsy Folk as Well)

Hark, fellow knights, squires, and random peasants clutching suspiciously shiny rectangles! Lay thine eyes upon the ESR Tempered Glass Screen Protector, a valiant defender against the perils that plague thy precious iPhone. Uncrackable Fortitude (And Slightly Silly Comparisons) This ain’t your grandma’s flimsy screen protector! Tempered for mighty strength, it scoffs at 110lbs of pressure. Picture a hefty […]

PopClip for Mac Will Save You Tons of Time

I recently started using a new paid system add-on called Pop Clip which saves me tons of time as I work in every application. A little menu appears whenever you select text and gives you access to your top desired actions to perform on that selected text. You just set it up and off you go.  […]

The Ultimate Writing Tool for Bloggers

Scrivener Helps You Pull It All Together Ever wondered how in blazes you capture, organize and store all your ideas for blog posts so you always have access to them and can quickly find them and start writing? And secondarily, but perhaps even more importantly, do you pine for a program that works with you instead of […]

New MacBook Air: As Good As the Hype?

I recently unboxed and set up Apple’s new MacBook Air and I must say I was prepared to be unimpressed. Why? I had heard others say it was underpowered and it was actually too thin. Ha, figure that. Others had complained that there was no DVD/CD drive and no ethernet port so it’s crippled. So […]

Need a New External Hard Drive?

Note: I updated this post on 28 September 2008 to reflect new options and better prices. I’ve been needing a new external hard drive myself for a while now and after considerable research and deliberation, I selected one that did the trick. This drive is by Fantom and the reviews are consistently very good. The […]

Fast, Bargain Windows Computer

Sometimes you just need a fast, cheap computer and you need it yesterday. And when I say cheap, I mean cheap; I mean as little as you can possibly pay, but still well built and with support that actually answers the phone. We’re assuming here that a Mac is out of the question for various […]

Getting Things Done is Getting Things Done!

I’ve been going through it. I’m planning on doing the entire 16 hour transformation about 10 days from today and I can’t wait. There are some podcasts that really make it even easier to wrap your head around how this works and what you can expect—also hints and examples. Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders also covers […]