How to Add Alternate Dictionaries and Thesauri to OS X

Select Preferences image

Here’s a short tutorial (should take 30 seconds at most) to help you add more options to your dictionary. The default is based on where you live in the world, but you can add other languages as well as set your English dialect preference (American English or British English). Also note that I’m using OS X […]

How to Recover a Hacked Gmail Account

Gmail Compromised / Hacked

  Recently a friend called and left a panicked voicemail telling me someone in South Africa was sending email from their Gmail account and asking for $2000 cash from all their friends. I told them it sounded like their Gmail account was cracked and we needed to move quickly. It was and we did. Here’s What […]

Getting Things Done is Getting Things Done!

I’ve been going through it. I’m planning on doing the entire 16 hour transformation about 10 days from today and I can’t wait. There are some podcasts that really make it even easier to wrap your head around how this works and what you can expect—also hints and examples. Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders also covers […]

Google Analytics

If you haven’t started using this for reviewing your web site’s stats (are you crazy?!?), you should. Immediately. It used to be called Urchin and cost a small fortune. Now it’s free so there’s no excuse to be suffering along with that old AWstats anymore. Google Analytics